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Luxembourg Snow

This week, the skies opened up and dumped on Luxembourg! One thing that’s great about a small city is the pockets where the snow remains relatively undisturbed. It’s pretty magical to look over the valleys and see the snow. Tweet

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Winterlights 2012, Luxembourg’s Christmas Market

One of the things I like about the Christmas season over here is that it’s less about the malls and more about traditions, festivities and social gatherings. Here, gifts are exchanged, but not at the same competitive, all-out pace that pollutes the U.S. The Christmas markets are a place for neighbors to gather and share […]

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Luxembourg Rooftops

Oftentimes, I become so accustomed to walking a certain route that I forget to look up to take in the details. Today, some rooftops caught my eye during a walkabout. Tweet

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Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Luxembourg

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Luxembourg was founded in the early 17th century as part of the city’s Jesuit college. When the Jesuits were ordered from the area in the 18th century, the church was given to the City of Luxembourg. Notre Dame awarded cathedral status in 1870 when Pope Pius IX declared Luxembourg a self-governing diocese. […]

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Église Saint-Michel, Luxembourg

This church sits on the oldest religious site in the city, where the castle chapel of the Counts of Luxembourg was built in the 10th century. The church has gone through many incarnations; it was destroyed, rebuilt and renovated many times throughout the centuries in different styles including Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. The current building […]

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La Fête Nationale Luxembourgeoise

Luxembourg’s National Day is the equivalent of America’s July 4th. There’s booze, grilled food, fireworks and bands. The party starts on the eve of the actual holiday around 10 p.m. and goes all night, you need your jacket because the June temps are only in the sixties and there’s always a threat of rain – […]

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Boules in Jardin du Luxembourg

If you want to see some serious boules (bocce, or pétanque), head to Luxembourg Gardens! I started photographing these courts years ago and wouldn’t you know it, but a lot of the same old men still spend their weekdays here. In southern France, the bouledrome is a social gathering spot. I would say the same […]

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Organ Grinder: Alive and Well in Luxembourg

It’s not every day you awaken to an organ grinder playing a loud, German street organ while walking down the middle of your street. I heard the sound and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Alas, this is what I saw from my balcony. Organ grinders became popular street performers in the early 19th […]

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A Luxembourg Christmas

In Luxembourg, as in much of Europe, Christmas Eve is the big night. Families gather together around the Christmas tree in the early evening and later attend Midnight Mass. The most popular mass is at The Eglise Saint Michel at the Fëschmaart. A popular English-language mass is at The Anglican Church in the Konvikt Chapel […]

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Luxembourg Christmas Market

There was finally a break in the rain, so I headed out to the small Luxembourg Christmas market. I’m sad to report that neither the food nor the shopping approached the quality of Strasbourg or Trier. The latkes were too thick and unflavorful, perhaps because they were preformed and sitting in industrial-sized stacks for who-knows-how-long. […]

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