Amsterdam Restaurants

Where we ate:

Lucius: We had our best meal of the trip in this lively seafood restaurant. I tried two daily specials – creamy white asparagus soup and scholfilet with pesto – and both were extraordinary. Angelo had the half lobster and crab legs. A fruity white German Chardonnay went well with both dishes. For dessert, try the chocolate mousse. It sounds boring; it’s anything but. For a more traditional Dutch dessert, order the hangop pistache, which is light and yogurt-y.

Silveran Spiegal: This is like eating at your great-great-grandmother’s house, if she lived in a dangerously crooked house in the 17th century. This is one of the best restaurants in the city and the chef focuses on fresh, local food. While the food was a solid win, the stuffy atmosphere couldn’t have been more of a zero.

Nooch: reasonably priced lunch spot where we sat outside and enjoyed pad thai and duck ramen.

Ijscuypje: the chocolate-wafer gelato was as good as in Italy.


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