Around Lille’s Place du General de Gaulle

Chambre de Commerce

Lille’s main square, Place du General de Gaulle, house the city’s most magnificent buildings.

Vieille Bourse

The Vieille Bourse was built in the 17th century to rival the exchanges of other great cities. It contains 24 individual houses set around an interior courtyard. The Renaissance façade reflects the architect, Julien Destrée’s, expertise as a wood sculptor. Garlands, masks, fruits, flowers and medallions adorn the exterior.

La Voix du Nord

Art deco La Voix du Nord is topped with a gilded sculpture of the three graces who represent the provinces of Artois, Flanders and Hainaut. Currently, daily newspaper La Voix du Nord operates here.

Colonne de la Déesse

Colonne de la Déesse graces the middle of the square. Built in 1845, it symbolizes Lille’s resistance during the week-long Austrian siege of 1792. Then, the townspeople fought off attacking Austrians, but lost 200 buildings.

Opera house

Place du Théâtre houses the Louis XVI-style opera house, which was built in the early 1900s.

The neo-Flemish Chambre de Commerce is topped by a 76-meter spire with a gilded clock. This was also built in the early 20th century.

Along the square

A Sunday morning sight

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