Au Vieux de la Vieille

The restaurant is on a charming street in the old town

French friends in Luxembourg recommended this casual, popular regional restaurant to us. It is a specific type of eatery, an esaminet, which is a traditional Flemish restaurant with wooden tables and rafters and antiques galore.

Kitschy design

We were advised to have the well-known specialty, the Welch, which is a heavy potato, cheese, ham, beer and cream casserole. Though it sounded tasty, we wanted to avoid the ham. Also, we caught a glimpse of the woman next to us tucking into one and it was clearly going to put her out of commission for the rest of the day.

So, we opted out and ordered other regional specialties.

One of us made a mistake.

Tatin de Boudin Noir

Angelo ordered the Tatin de Boudin Noir aux Pommes. Neither of us had learned the French word for pudding, and now we will never forget it since the dish turned out to be black pudding.

Goyère au Carré du Vinage

I ordered a different regional specialty, the Goyère au Carré du Vinage, or cheese tarte, which I recommend. But you might want to go for the Welch!

Place aux oignons

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