Barefoot Running Leaders Speak

Premier barefoot running experts gathered in New York City to lead clinics, lecture, socialize and, of course, run! The occasion? The 2nd Annual New York City Barefoot Run.

Christopher McDougall

Some people have been inspired to try barefoot running because of Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run, which tells the story of the world’s greatest distance runners, the Tarahumara Indians. Many people have gotten into barefoot running due to injuries caused by running shoes that encourage poor form.


Barefoot Ted

For years I struggled with recurring ITB (iliotibial band) pain.  I saw countless experts including renowned running specialists, podiatrists, chiropractors and physical therapists. Although I was able to alleviate the pain, the issue kept returning. My orthotics wore down over and over, causing new injuries each time, ranging from tendonitis to runner’s knee to a debilitating bone bruise that landed me on crutches. I learned about barefoot and minimalist running, which at first sounded crazy to me, then made sense, then became alluring. Two years later, multiplied by 20-40 miles/week, I have been (knock on wood!) injury-free. If I were in the habit of evangelizing anything, it would be this.

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