A convenient way to eat organic and seasonally

Luxembourg has many great organic food sources. One of my favorites and most convenient is the weekly home-delivery service Biobus.

Biobus is a German company that operates along the same lines as an American CSA in that each week a different assortment of fresh produce is delivered. It’s an ideal way to eat seasonally and even gain exposure to unfamiliar vegetables. It’s also an easy way to get out of a menu rut. I love unpacking the box and figuring out creative ways to use the food!

Mixed vegetable and fruit boxes and vegetable-only boxes are available. Sizes vary and the smallest is suitable for one person and the largest ones can feed large families.

My introductory box

Another great feature is the online grocery section, where you can buy produce to supplement the box’s contents and a full array of groceries. The dairy products and meats are from organic farms. I particularly love the fresh bread, soy products and cheese.

You can order week-by-week. Since I travel a lot, I didn’t want to commit to a regular delivery. When I know I’m going to be in town, I just go online and order a box.

Biobus offers a trial box for €19,95. This is what I initially started out with and I was thrilled with the introductory assortment of bread, yogurt, cheese and produce.

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