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Lausanne, Switzerland

Get ready for a workout: Lausanne is built on the steep, steep hills tiered above Lake Geneva. Walking is the most efficient way to get around. The city center sprawls over several hilltops, which are handily connected by bridges that span the deep gorges. Beyond the steep town are forests and parks. Lausanne is known […]

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Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian! I envisioned a utopia of vast pools, flowing fountains and inviting spas. Instead, I found a petite village of cobblestone streets lined with colorful old houses and a lengthy, flower-lined promenade. The town looks like many others that line Lake Geneva, only smaller. Much smaller. It takes about five minutes to see the whole […]

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Montreux, Switzerland

Monteux is tucked away in a sheltered Lake Geneva bay, amidst vineyards and the imposing Alps. Montreux has a wide, beautiful palm tree and flower-lined promenade that stretches the length of the city and beyond. Opulent villas line the water, many of which date from the Belle Époque. The Dents du Midi peaks, which consist […]

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Musée Photo, Vevey

If you’re at all interested in photography, the Musée Photo is a must-see. This is the most comprehensive photography museum I’ve seen, covering equipment, techniques and inventors through the annals of photography. Every type of equipment is displayed, from camera obscura to the magic lantern to incarnations of modern digital cameras. Seeing cameras from your […]

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Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey is a dynamic, artsy town on the north shore of Lake Geneva. It’s as enjoyable to take in the town’s narrow streets and boutiques as it is to stroll along the tree-lined lakefront promenade with its vast view of the imposing Alps. The main square, Grande-Place, is dominated by a granary, La Grenette, that […]

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Carouge is a pleasant detour from downtown Geneva. The suburb (a short tram-ride away from the Old Town) was built in the 18th century by Victor Amideus, King of Sardinia, to be a refuge for artists and designers and anyone else who wanted refuge from Geneva’s strict puritanical ways. Turinese architects designed low houses with […]

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Mont Salève

1,380-meter Mont Salève is part of the Jura chain and the first ridge of the Alps rising southeast of Geneva. Though in France, its proximity to Geneva makes it an ideal destination for Swiss hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and paragliders. The steep bald side faces Geneva and the gently sloping southern side overlooks […]

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Villa Diodati, Cologny

Villa Diodati, a lakeside villa in Cologny, a municipality of Geneva, is best known for housing Lord Byron back in the summer of 1816. His pals Mary and Percy Shelley stayed in a nearby house, Maison Chapuis. Here, Mary Shelley concocted the idea for Frankenstein, the origins of which came to her in a nightmare. […]

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Promenade de la Treille

If you’re thinking this is the longest wooden bench you’ve ever seen, you’re right. With 126 meters of seating, it’s the longest bench in the world. The promenade offers a ho-hum view over the city, but it’s nice to sit on the bench and take in the chestnut tree-lined square. Tweet

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Temple de la Madeleine, Geneva

This Gothic church with a Romanesque bell tower was built in the 15th century, on a site that housed predecessors dating back to the fifth century. Most of what we see today is the result of a 17th century restoration after a massive fire destroyed the neighborhood, and 20th century restoration that added stained-glass windows. […]

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