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Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève is a mishmash of structures and styles. Part of what we see today was built in the 12th century on remains dating from 350 A.D. Walls, rooms and mosaic floors from the earlier time have been discovered beneath the cathedral. In the late-14th century, a small side-chapel, the Chapelle des […]

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Auditoire de Calvin, Geneva

It’s fitting that Calvin’s namesake chapel is so austere. This single-nave chapel played an important role in the Protestant Reformation. From 1536, the auditorium was a lecture hall where Calvin espoused his theories (Geneva accepted the Reformation in 1535). When Protestant refugees flocked to Geneva from all over Europe, they were encouraged to conduct services […]

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Maison Tavel, Geneva

Maison Tavel is Geneva’s oldest house. It was built by the Tavel family in the 12th century and was renovated after a fire in the 14th century. Today the house is a museum that details Geneva’s history. In addition to historical items such as doors and signs and other daily life memorabilia, there is a […]

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Favorite Swiss Dishes

Dining in Switzerland is a real treat. Not only is the food hearty and delicious, but traditional Swiss restaurants with ancient wood beams and Swiss kitsch galore allow you to soak up the quintessentially Swiss Alpine vibe. Swiss cuisine centers around dairy. It’s hard to find a meal without cheese, milk, butter and/or cream. Of […]

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Everywhere you look in Switzerland, you will find stunning natural beauty. The imposing Alps stretch toward the sky, the lush greenery is more shades than you ever realized existed and the lake is deep and pure. Geneva sits at the point where the Rhône flows out of Lake Geneva, with the Jura ridges on one […]

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Lake Geneva

It’s easy to see why Byron, Shelley and Dickens escaped to Lake Geneva whenever possible. Everything is here: mountains, castles, farmland, vineyards, sophisticated cities, quaint villages…oh, and the cheese, chocolate and wine doesn’t hurt. Also, maybe it’s the time of year we’re visiting, but the air is crisp and fresh and invigorating. Lake Geneva is […]

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