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  I haven’t noticed that people in Luxembourg are particularly, uh, heavy, but the crosswalk signs seem to indicate otherwise. Maybe it’s all the French food?Tweet

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Ze Enk?

Every time I pass this ad, I laugh. I initially thought it was for a gym, but it is attached to a clothes donation bin. The language is Luxembourgish, which is among the three official languages here (French and German are the other two). Luxembourgish is a Moselle Franconian language mostly derived from German (syntax) […]

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Moving On Up

The yells, idling engines and clanging from the street drew me to my window. When I saw this scene, my first thought was, ‘Wow, movers here have a much easier job than movers in the U.S.!’ They take the stuff from the moving van, load it onto a platform and send it up. Then I […]

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A Second Thing to Love About Europe

Bicycles are a main mode of transportation.Tweet

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One Thing to Love About Europe

  Old next to newTweet

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certificate de résidence, or, how to waste tons of paper

The first order of business today was visiting the Luxembourg City office to declare our arrival and obtain our certificate de résidence. Anyone intending to reside in Luxembourg for an extended period of time must declare within three days of arrival. I expected it to be akin to going to the DMV, but was pleasantly surprised […]

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Le Printemps

    Springtime in Luxembourg! It was great to board the plane in cold, grey, rainy New York City and deplane in warm, green, sort-of-sunny Luxembourg.Tweet

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