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Mauvais Contenu

Our lone bag of recyclables was the only one left on the curb this morning. Why, oh why, municipality of Luxembourg, did you not pick up our garbage? Is it because the wine bottles are from France and the beer bottles are from Belgium? For new arrivals to Luxembourg, here’s a run-down on the recycling […]

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Wonderful show, amazing crew! This weekend, we had a blast shooting a hit American television show. Stay tuned for more details… (Special thanks to Matt and Larry for convincing me to go ahead with it this!) Tweet

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le lave-ling

We Wear Short Shorts

It was a classic case of (wo)man v. machine: me, two weeks’ worth of (dark colored) workout clothes, oddly pungent detergent and le lave-linge. It seemed simple enough to put the clothes in, add detergent and select the fabric that best approximated the clothes’ composition. Coton? Synthétique? Okay, maybe somewhere in the middle. Note, in […]

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On Driving

  These electronic signs inform drivers how many available parking spaces are in nearby garages. Upon moving to Luxembourg, non-EU citizens have up to 12 months to obtain a local license. No road test is required. Here’s what you need: Form Demande en obtention d’un permis de conduire (download from; Recent ID photograph 45 […]

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Closet Case

In Luxembourg, it is atypical for apartments and houses to have built-in closets. This means you will have to purchase armoires – huge, heavy, pricey pieces that may or may not be useful/fit in your next place. They come in all sizes, and my favorite was the extra-large 300 cm. We began our armoire search […]

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Home Sweet Home

Our new apartment has all the standard Luxembourg features: secure basement storage units, designated washer/dryer space and hook-up (each tenant provides his/her own), drying room (it’s illegal to dry clothes inside your apartment, so there are basement drying rooms) and balcony. In Luxembourg, the vacancy rate is extremely low, which results in desirable places get […]

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Moving On Up

The yells, idling engines and clanging from the street drew me to my window. When I saw this scene, my first thought was, ‘Wow, movers here have a much easier job than movers in the U.S.!’ They take the stuff from the moving van, load it onto a platform and send it up. Then I […]

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A Second Thing to Love About Europe

Bicycles are a main mode of transportation.Tweet

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One Thing to Love About Europe

  Old next to newTweet

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certificate de résidence, or, how to waste tons of paper

The first order of business today was visiting the Luxembourg City office to declare our arrival and obtain our certificate de résidence. Anyone intending to reside in Luxembourg for an extended period of time must declare within three days of arrival. I expected it to be akin to going to the DMV, but was pleasantly surprised […]

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