Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Luxembourg

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Luxembourg was founded in the early 17th century as part of the city’s Jesuit college. When the Jesuits were ordered from the area in the 18th century, the church was given to the City of Luxembourg. Notre Dame awarded cathedral status in 1870 when Pope Pius IX declared Luxembourg a self-governing diocese.

This cathedral was lucky enough to weather both world wars. In 1985, though, welding work ignited a fire in the befry, destroying all the bells and damaging the roof above the central nave. It was rebuilt within a year.

The crypt is worth seeing, as the twelve massive columns that support the structure are visible. It also contains the tomb of John the Blind, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg (14th century) and several members of the royal family.

Rue Notre Dame & Blvd. FDR 10-12, 2-5.30 daily, except during services

Notre Dame, cathedral, Luxembourg

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