Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angioli, or Saint Mary of the Angels

Luini’s masterpiece

This Romanesque-style church looks plain from the outside, but step inside and you’ll be wowed by the frescos painted by the Italian Renaissance artist Bernardino Luini.

Church’s exterior on a rainy day

The main draw is the elaborate crucifixion scene.

Luini’s Last Supper is depicted on the side wall. It is divided into three panels because it had originally been on a wall with support pillars. It was once attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci because it resembles Da Vinci’s famous work in Milan.

Last Supper

Later, Baroque art by a local artist depicting cities and towns of the area were added.


The building started out in the 15th century as the abbey of a Franciscan monastery. Back then, it was divided into two parts with separate chapels and altars for the clergy and the public. The monastery was disbanded in the 19th century during Switzerland’s civil war. It was converted to a hotel, then fell into disuse. In the 20th century, a restoration project uncovered the frescos.


Piazza Luini 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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