Het Prinsenhof, Delft

Paintings and furnishings on the first floor

This former 15th-century convent was William the Silent of Orange’s home. You’ll see references and tributes to William all over Delft, as he is celebrated for creating the Dutch Republic. He was a military commander who turned against the Habsburgs during the prosecution of the Protestants. From within walled Delft, William led the revolt that drove back the imperial army.

One of many large-scale paintings

Though there was a bounty on his head, he ended up being assassinated by a fanatical Catholic right here at home.

Traditional Delftware

This museum has a little bit of everything: a well-edited collection of Golden Age paintings, tapestries, historical objects, an impressive survey of delftware and the bullet holes in the wall where William of Orange was shot.

Antique Delftware

Tuesday – Sunday 11-5

Sint Agathaplein 1, Delft, 2611 HR