Hotel Pironi, Cannobio, Italy

Exterior, Hotel Pironi

This welcoming hotel is housed in one of Cannobio’s oldest buildings, a 15th-century palace that was also part of a Franciscan monastery. The building is especially recognizable for its prow-shaped exterior, parting two roads leading down to Lake Maggiore.


Throughout the building, some of the ancient features remain such as original frescoes, brick tile floors, vaulted ceilings and medieval stone columns. The rooms are uniquely designed, but each has at least a few pieces of antique furniture.

Our double room with a high, sloping ceiling and balcony


Once you reach it, the hotel is in an ideal location in the center of town. We had a hard time finding it since the GPS directed us to the main square, which had a prominent do-not-enter sign. We considered going for it, but then wisely reconsidered since it was likely other one-ways or pedestrian-only areas stood between us and the hotel. After my husband found the hotel on foot while I waited in the car, we backtracked, drove up the steep hill and navigated around the town to an area near the hotel to unload. For parking, the hotel clerk rode with us and directed us down a small maze of narrow, tightly walled streets to a garage in which the hotel had reserved spots.

Of course, the garage was a short walk from the hotel and the hotel was just down the hill from where we originally stopped. Needless to say, we did not need to drive anywhere around town.

Via Marconi 35

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