In Brugge, Part 3

Places of interest:

Stadhuis (City Hall): Gothic facade depicts biblical and sovereign figures (the original statues were removed during the French Revolution, then destroyed in 1792. The current ones are from the 1970’s). The real prize is the second-floor Gotische Zaal with its stunning murals and friezes. Well worth a look.

Groeninge Museum: I’m not a fan of Flemish paintings (for me, too religion-heavy and why do the babies have adult faces?) and this museum did not change my mind. However, it’s worth taking a quick run through these few rooms view van Eyck’s The Madonna with Canon van der Paele. The collection spans the 14th – 20th centuries and features painters who lived in the area.

Onze-Lievevrouwekerk (Our Lady’s Church): at 122 meters, it’s the highest tower in Brugge. This beautiful 13th-century church houses Michelangelo’s marble sculpture Madonna and Child, his only work to leave Italy during his lifetime.


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