Innsbruck Hofkirche and Cenotaph of Emperor Maximilian


Mary of Burgundy, Maximilian's Starter Wife

We should all have such a shrine as Maximilian I (1459-1519) whose empty tomb is housed here. He built his own grand monument and surrounded it with 28 oversized bronze statues of family and friends. The original plan was a bit more ambitious and called for 40 statues, 100 statuettes and 32 Roman emperor busts. However, even the partially completed project turned out to be a lot of hoopla since Maximilian’s corpse ended up in Wiener Neustadt, his birthplace, after being denied entry to Innsbruck. The marble reliefs on the sarcophagus depict key moments in Maximilian’s life.

You’ll also notice the intricate Renaissance organ (1558). Don’t forget to take the staircase up to the Silver Chapel (1578), which houses Archduke Ferdinand and his wife.


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