Les Antiques, St-Rémy de Provence



If you don’t believe that chic St-Rémy de Provence wasn’t always filled with boutiques and cafés, drive a few minutes out of the city center and look by the side of the road. There, you’ll see two ancient structures sitting in the middle of a field that comprise the site known as Les Antiques.


Triumphal arch

The older structure, the triumphal arch, dates from 20 A.D. In true beat-you-over-the-head fashion, each side’s relief depicts Caesar’s conquest of Gaul. The fruits and leaves represent the fertility of the Roman Province (or, Provence, of course, as it’s known today).


Battle scenes



The mausoleum dates from 30 B.C. and is, amazingly, still intact. This tomb contains members of the Julii family, one of the area’s ancient patrician families. The four allegorical reliefs depict scenes like boar hunting, combat and fighting cavalry.

Located on Rte des Baux-de-Provence (about 1.5 kilometers or five minutes outside of St-Rémy’s city center)