Lugano as seen from a ferry

Lugano’s naturally beautiful setting – vast Lake Lugano surrounded by soaring mountains, manicured gardens, a winding lakeside promenade – is startlingly perfect.

Fog rolling in

Fog really settles into the mountains!

Lugano is a luxe, small city. With 50,000 residents, it is the largest city in Switzerland’s Ticino canton and Switzerland’s third-largest banking city, after Geneva and Zürich.

Looking southwest from Lugano’s city center

Sailing school

Lugano’s real draw is its accessibility to other spots on the lake, some of which are only reachable via boat.

In town, there are a number of so-so restaurants (since it’s near the Italian border, Italian food prevails but it’s not as tasty as in Italy) and many places to buy a €100.000 Swiss watch or the same designer handbag that you can find in any major city. But, jump on a ferry and you can explore unlimited hiking trails winding into the mountains and tiny villages around the lake’s perimeter.

Easterly sweeping view of the lake

Lugano’s main square, Piazzo della Riforma, is steps from the water. The 19th century Municipio, or town hall, dominates the café-filled square.

Outdoor cafes

Lugano’s town hall

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