Maharaja’s Palace, Mysore

Maharaja's Palace

The Wodeyar maharajas (kings) didn’t spare any expense when they constructed this grand palace – twice. The original structure was gutted in an 1897 fire, and the current one was completed in 1912.

Temple at Maharaja's Palace

This is the main attraction in Mysore, and for good reason. The interior is striking – bright colors, stained glass, lots of mirrors, carved wooden doors, mosaic floors and enormous paintings depicting Mysorian life. The palace is illuminated at night with 100,000 lights. Not much by Vegas standards, but nothing to sneeze at over here.

Gate at Maharaja's Palace

Check your camera at the annoyingly not-immediately-close camera-check stand, check your shoes at one of the free shoe-check stands (where the attendees will aggressively shake you down for a generous tip) and have a look around.

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