Mainzer Dom

Mainzer Dom soars into the sky

As in all traditional European cities, Mainz’s cathedral dominates the main square. In this case, St. Martin’s Cathedral, a (mostly) Romanesque sandstone structure with six towers, rises into Mainz’s skyline.

Original doors

Religious scenes adorn the interior walls

Detailed windows

Looking down the nave

Construction began in the 10th century and, in a stroke of unspeakably bad luck, the original structure burned down one day before its consecration in 1066. When it was rebuilt, some of the original masonry and the original bronze doors were salvaged.

An embellished tomb

Proving that one-upping was alive and well 1,000 years ago, the interior is filled with extravagant monuments and sculptures, all resting spots for former archbishops.

…and another…

The archbishops liked to outdo one another.

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