Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde bills itself as a vegetarian and seafood restaurant, which is sort of like saying, “we serve food.” Unless you need a big hunk of land animal flesh at every meal, you will find many appealing items on the menu.

The owner traveled the world seeking culinary inspiration before opening the restaurant, which explains the broad menu that features Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes alongside selections such as tofu cordon bleu.

My Favorite Dish, Pannequets à la Grecque

Every time I’ve gone, I’ve enjoyed the Pannequets à la Grecque, which is ricotta, feta and spinach crêpes. Many people rave about the teriyaki grilled salmon and the Saveurs de Bombay, a sampling of Indian dishes.

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon, a Favorite of Many Diners

11 Rue du St. Esprit, Luxembourg