Niki de Saint Phalle: Moving On Up

Les Baigneurs

Imagine my surprise at seeing Luxembourg’s Blue Lady’s relatives frolicking on Park Avenue!

One of the first things I noticed upon arrival in Luxembourg was the iconic Blue Lady, the zaftig sculpture in the middle of town. Not only was she eye-catching, with her bright colors, playful stance and exaggerated curves, but she also served as a landmark. People would direct me to the office building “behind the Blue Lady” or to “take a left at the Blue Lady.”

Les Trois Graces

Saint Phalle created her memorable women, or nanas, in the 1980s as she solidified her international reputation as a sculptor.

Arbre Serpents

Miles Davis

The artist’s Park Avenue parade features some of her last works. She died in 2002 at 71.

Louis Armstrong

These colorful folks are created out of polyester resin and covered in fragments of ceramic tile and glass, in bright colors, gold and silver.

#19 Baseball Player

Basketball Player

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