Santa Maria delle Grazie and Cenacolo Vincianzo, Milan

Milan Maria delle Grazie-2

The last time I visited Milan, I didn’t have the foresight to get tickets for the Last Supper in advance. This time, being much older and a little wiser, I planned ahead and bought tickets online about a month in advance. It was worth it!

Milan Maria delle Grazie

No photos were allowed inside the refectory, which houses the famous fresco, but I was able to get some images of 15th-century Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Milan Maria delle Grazie-5

The church’s terra cotta façade is a great example of traditional Lombard style. Frescos dating from the building’s birth and works by local artists adorn the interior.

Milan Maria delle Grazie-6

The church was used as a military warehouse and barracks during the 18th century. 1943 bombings destroyed much of the structure but luckily spared the refectory.

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Before viewing the most famous fresco in the world, I read “Leonardo and the Last Supper” by Ross King. I won’t get into details here, but I highly recommend it. It’s an informative account of what led up to and surrounded this commission and provides intimate details of the masterpiece and, of course, da Vinci.

Milan Maria delle Grazie-3

The Last Supper is high on the refectory wall of the convent. Over the centuries, 80% of the original color has been lost. Conservation has been difficult; the last restoration took 22 years and was completed in 1999.

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