Santuario della Madonna del Sasso

The path leading up to the sanctuary

Locarno’s main sight, Santuario della Madonna del Sasso, sits partway up a steep hill and therefore requires a bit of effort to reach.

The sanctuary

Monk Bartolomeo d’Ivrea built this sanctuary in 1480 after the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to him in a vision.

Along the path

Though there is a funicular that runs to the sanctuary, you still have to walk up a steep hill to reach the stop, so you might as well walk the whole thing. It only takes about 20 minutes (including breaks to take in the scenery) and there’s plenty to look at as you huff and puff up the steep stairway; life-sized religious statues peer out from niches and chapels remind you where you’re headed.

Exterior wall detail

In the 19th century, the building was given a neo-Renaissance façade.

Quite an interior!

Colorful details

The interior is lavishly decorated. Within the main structure are several side chapels depicting New Testament scenes.

A very cloudy view of the town

The structure sits on a steep hill

Via Santuario 2, Orselina, Ticino, 6644

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