Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Many, many tiers

Many, many tiers

It’s not often that my trips coincide with a desirable opera that has available tickets, but my husband and I lucked out and scored a couple of tickets to Macbeth at La Scala. The downside was that the seats were waaaay up in the gallery, but we didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

Very modern set

A modern set

For true opera fans, La Scala is as good as it gets. For less-educated but nonetheless enthusiastic opera-goers like us, La Scala is a huge treat. I could not say that it was any better than Vienna’s opera house or any other great ones I’ve sat inside for a few hours, but I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Looking down from the gallery

Looking down from the gallery

This 18th-century six-tiered red velvet and gold theatre is famous for its acoustics and picky attendees. It was originally lit by over a thousand oil lamps. Hundreds of buckets of water stood by in case of emergency.

This is how important the building is: after it was destroyed in WWII it was rebuilt in one year. If you’ve ever seen Italian builders at work, you know this is really something.

Marble Leonardo da Vinci statue adorns the Piazza della Scala

Leonardo da Vinci statue adorns the square

Great composers such as Verdi, Bellini, Puccini have premiered here.

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