Vianden Castle


Vianden Castle

This castle is one of the largest medieval monuments in Northern Europe and the main sight in Vianden. Construction began in the 11th century and continued for more than 300 years. When it was finally completed, the Nassau family, who had inherited Vianden, didn’t care to move in and continued to rule from afar.

In 1820, owner William I of Orange-Nassau sold the castle to the highest bidder. A local merchant, Wenceslas Coster, won and promptly began dismantling the castle and selling it one piece at a time. The citizens were outranged, and pressured William I to buy the castle back. William I reconstructed the chapel in 1851, but the rest of the structure remained a half-demolished wreck until 1977, when the government acquired and restored it.

The exhibits inside include medieval-style rooms, armor and reconstruction and notable visitor photos.

Vianden received its charter in 1308 and began as a leather and crafts center. In 1790, Vianden was absorbed by France, and was given to Prussia in 1815. It is about 45 minutes north of Luxembourg City.