Villa Diodati, Cologny

Great views of Lake Geneva

Villa Diodati, a lakeside villa in Cologny, a municipality of Geneva, is best known for housing Lord Byron back in the summer of 1816. His pals Mary and Percy Shelley stayed in a nearby house, Maison Chapuis. Here, Mary Shelley concocted the idea for Frankenstein, the origins of which came to her in a nightmare. It was no wonder since the weather that summer was rainy, stormy and perpetually overcast.

Glimpse of the villa (behind the greenhouse)

The villa’s namesake is Charles Diodati, a friend of John Milton’s. Currently, it is a private residence. When I visited, the gate was firmly shut and I was therefore unable to get more than a brief glimpse.

Denied! Too bad.

The small park next to the villa offers generous views of Lake Geneva.

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