Artistic Fir Trees in Place du Grand Sablon, Brussels

Passion Chocolat’s tree represents the pleasure of eating

I was delighted to come upon this enchanting forest of artistic trees in Brussels’ Place du Grand Sablon.

L’Atelier en Herbe’s tree shows the poetic, ephemeral nature of Christmas

Six panels form a champagne bottle in Veuve Clicquot’s tree

The beautiful, creative objects were designed by students at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts, La Cambre, Brussels’ visual arts school, and each tree was sponsored by a local retailer.

Taschen’s tree is, of course, open books!

OK, Ombre Congo’s tree’s description en français was too hard for me to grasp…something about flames and shadows

Each sculpture is so original. I took photos of the ones that I especially liked, which was most of them! It was hard to choose a favorite.

This was sponsored by home decor store Flamant and, if my French serves me correctly, it conveys warm holiday magic

La Canne à Sucre’s sculpture reflects its specialty

I forgot who this sponsor is, but I like the sculpture

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