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Off-piste Skiing in Zermatt

By very special guest Angelo Rossi If you’re the type of skier or snowboarder who enjoys seeking out the untouched gems on the mountain and find trail skiing to be, well, boring, then Zermatt is a good place for you. A majority of the piste is above the tree line which creates loads of off-piste […]

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View between peaks

Gornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland

Reaching Gornergrat, a ridge of the Pennine Alps that overlooks the Gorner Glacier, is a real treat in the quaint open-air cogwheel railroad, Gornergrat Bahn. I was a bit skeptical of the “open-air” feature, but it turns out that only means the windows are operable. Phew! In winter, the train is heated and very comfortable. […]

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The ride up has great views!

Klein Matterhorn, or Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt, Switzerland

The highest mountain station in Europe is reached by, fittingly, the highest cableway in Europe. Both getting there and being there are magnificent. During the ride, the views of the luscious mountains and crevasses are stunning, but they don’t compare to the landscape at the top of glaciers, mountain peaks and endless permanent snow. To […]

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Ski fence

Zermatt Shots

Some sights around town that made me smile: Buddy and his owner have a stand at Trockener Steg (actually, it’s a sign and a dog house/tent for Buddy), where people can pose and purchase a shot. He was very popular! Skis pop up everywhere in Zermatt. Hiking is huge in many parts of Europe, especially […]

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Leaving the landing platform

Heli-skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland

By Angelo Rossi, very special guest blogger In my 30+ years of skiing, I had never skied in Europe nor gone heli-skiing. I did both this year. I had wanted to do heli-skiing for years, but always figured it would be a multi-day trip. In Zermatt, there were a few companies that offered day trips […]

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Zermatt Cemetery

Mountaineers’ Cemetery, Zermatt, Switzerland

Many mountaineers who lost their lives on and near the Matterhorn are buried in this modest cemetery on the banks of the Vispa river. Especially touching is the memorial for Zermatt mountain guides who were killed in accidents. When I visited, the untouched snow provided a sense of serenity.

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St. Mauritius Pfarrkirche, Zermatt, Switzerland

St. Mauritius Pfarrkirche’s soaring steeple is visible from many points in Zermatt. This Catholic church anchors one end of the village. Construction on the church began in 1913. World War I disrupted the project’s progress, but the church was finally completed in the 1930’s. The church replaced a 16th-century structure. Historically, Zermatt’s residents have been […]

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Care to weather the harsh winter in this house?

Hinterdorf, Zermatt, Switzerland

Nestled among traditional chalets and boutique hotels, you will find Zermatt’s oldest quarter, the Hinterdorf. Here, in this cluster of homes by the river, you are whisked back to the 15th century and can imagine all too well what it would have been like to endure harsh Alpine weather in ancient wooden chalets and traditional […]

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A plaque honoring Whymper

The Matterhorn

Stepping out of the train station and laying eyes on the Matterhorn was an “I can’t believe it!” moment. Seeing the peak in person was as exciting as the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben. The Matterhorn’s distinct summit boldly looms above Zermatt and the surrounding area. At 4,478 meters, it […]

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The train's handy luggage car

Reaching Zermatt, Switzerland

Though living in Europe brings certain famous ski resorts a little closer, proximity doesn’t minimize the arduous drive through the mountains! Reaching Zermatt from our home in Luxembourg was a two-part, eight-hour trip. First, we drove five hours to Geneva, stayed the night, then drove three hours to Täsch, the closest point to car-free Zermatt. […]

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