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Gulab Jamun

My favorite part of any Indian meal is gulab jamun. I was relieved to find out the dessert I’ve devoured all these years outside of India is pretty much the same as it is in India. With food, there’s nothing more annoying than knowing exactly what you’re missing. What is gulab jamun? It is delicious […]

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Roadside Refreshment: Sugarcane Juice

This popular summer drink is as delicious as it sounds. The vendor selects a few sugarcane stalks, feeds them through the press, and mixes the juice with additives such as ginger and lime.

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St. Philomena Cathedral

St. Philomena Cathedral, Mysore

I didn’t notice the dearth of cathedrals in India until I saw this. Oddly, seeing this colorful church was like encountering an old friend. I’m not religious at all, but cathedrals are ubiquitous in Europe and often serve as the showy centerpiece of towns. St. Philomena was constructed between 1933-41 in a neo-Gothic style. This […]

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Temple Detail-1


When I heard Mysore was the most flamboyant place in South India, I naturally thought of, oh, Halloween in West Hollywood or Christmas in Palm Springs and couldn’t wait to go. Well, it’s not that kind of flamboyant. It is, however, colorful and full of sandalwood, silk and incense. And as much yoga and ayurveda […]

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Gate at Maharaja's Palace

Maharaja’s Palace, Mysore

The Wodeyar maharajas (kings) didn’t spare any expense when they constructed this grand palace – twice. The original structure was gutted in an 1897 fire, and the current one was completed in 1912. This is the main attraction in Mysore, and for good reason. The interior is striking – bright colors, stained glass, lots of […]

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Autorickshaw, a Popular Mode of Transportation

On Driving in India

Indian drivers are among the most proactive I’ve ever seen. That’s the only way I can put it. Oh wait, here’s another: Indian drivers maximize the amount of time they are in motion. You might think this is not so unlike Western drivers, but read on… Middle of the Road: In India, it is typical […]

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