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The Hungarian marzipan pig

Marzipan Pigs

The first time I received a marzipan pig was at a hotel in Budapest. My husband and I returned to our hotel room early one evening and noticed a cheerful pink pig. We were already amused about the different holiday customs and confusing (to us) language, so receiving a pig was just one more delightful […]

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Swiss Vignette1

Swiss Driving Vignette

Leave it to the Swiss to be efficient even on the highways! In lieu of pesky tolls, motorists simply purchase a vignette that allows passage on all roadways. The vignettes are available at tourist offices, post offices, garages and customs posts at the border. If you buy at the border, you can pay the agent […]

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I first had a macaron in Paris years ago, and have since enjoyed them every chance I get! Good thing they’re modest in size, although that isn’t helpful when I consume two, four or more at a time… Anyway, they are pretty easy to find over here. Every patisserie makes gourmet versions and groceries carry […]

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Much to my delight, Gromperekichelcher, or potato pancake, is a favorite Luxembourg winter food. These hearty fried potato-egg-herb concoctions are served with applesauce, although I saw some people eating them with a mayo-like spread.

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Organ Grinder

Organ Grinder: Alive and Well in Luxembourg

It’s not every day you awaken to an organ grinder playing a loud, German street organ while walking down the middle of your street. I heard the sound and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Alas, this is what I saw from my balcony. Organ grinders became popular street performers in the early 19th […]

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In this part of Europe, fondue is not relegated to kitschy Alpine-themed restaurants or 1970’s sitcoms. Instead, it is a very serious winter tradition to be served with fendant, a Swiss white wine. The earliest recorded fondue recipe was from a 1699 Swiss cookbook. However, the recipe was a bit different – it called for […]

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Christmas Buche-2

Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël (you might recognize it as a yule log) is a delicious Christmas specialty, popular in Luxembourg, France and Belgium. These log-shaped cakes were traditionally made with sponge cake and chocolate buttercream and garnished to look like a log that would be ready to be tossed onto the pile in the ancient fire-festival […]

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Lux Christmas-1

A Luxembourg Christmas

In Luxembourg, as in much of Europe, Christmas Eve is the big night. Families gather together around the Christmas tree in the early evening and later attend Midnight Mass. The most popular mass is at The Eglise Saint Michel at the Fëschmaart. A popular English-language mass is at The Anglican Church in the Konvikt Chapel […]

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Gift Wrap-2

Gift Wrapping

One of the best parts of Christmas shopping in Luxembourg is the complimentary gift-wrapping service offered in every shop and mall. Of course, then you have to remember who gets which package…

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St. Nicholas Pastries

Kleeschen, or St. Nicholas

In Luxembourg, there is no Santa Claus. Instead, Kleeschen, or St. Nicholas, descends from heaven on the evening of December 5th. He visits every child’s house and consults his trusty “Book of Sins.” If the child has been good, he will put sweets into the waiting shoes that the child thoughtfully placed near the fireplace […]

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