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Appetizer Whose Ingredients I Cannot Remember


Nil was recommended to me by my friend Alex, who used to live in Hamburg. I expected it to be good, but it ended up being the best meal I’ve had in awhile! The dishes were not particularly inventive, but the ingredients were seasonal and fresh and each course was solidly delicious. NIL specializes in […]

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Hamburg Windows

Hamburg Window Washers

After observing too many freestyle window washers, I took great comfort in observing these well-enclosed guys at work! Hamburg, Germany, window

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Hamburg St Georg-2

St. Georg

St. Georg’s original 18th century Baroque building was destroyed by bombs during WWII. This one was rebuilt in 1957. I liked the simple, nautical interior and the art exhibit right outside. St. Georg, church, Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg St Michel

St. Michaelis, or St. Michel

This is another one of Hamburg’s five Hauptkirchen (main church) and the most recognizable church in the city, thanks to its Baroque copper spire. It is dedicated to the archangel Michael, who is shown in action, defeating the devil, in a large bronze statue above the portal. The first church on this site dates back […]

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Hamburg Speicherstadt-2


Ah, the port. The port is what Hamburg is known for. Well, that and St. Pauli, which seemed more like a tourist zone except with brothels. Anyway, right, the port. It’s the second largest in Europe (after Rotterdam) and the ninth largest in the world. And the Speicherstadt, or city of warehouses, is the largest […]

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Hamburg St Katharinen

St. Katharinen

St. Katharinen’s claim to fame: Bach played here! The first concert was in 1701 and the second was in 1720 when he was in town auditioning for nearby Jacobikirche’s organist job. The organ he played was destroyed during WWII bombings. St. Katharinen is one of the five main Lutheran churches in Hamburg. Although St. Katharinen […]

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High Altar of St. Petri, 1379, Meister Bertram

Hamburger Kunsthalle

This is considered one of the best art museums in Germany. I think it’s one of the best in Europe! Why? Well, it’s really big (certainly no Louvre, but much larger than many other cities’ museums) and heavy on what I most enjoy: 17th-19th century European paintings, sculptures and modern art. It also gives a […]

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Step Three: overstuff the baskets and throw in a box of extras

Hamburg Fischmarkt

You can’t beat Hamburg’s legendary fish market for early morning entertainment. It takes place on Sundays from 5 a.m. (I know, I know, but beer and food is served) to 10 a.m. Local vendors pull up to the market in their trucks and sell whatever wares they have – fruit, fish, flowers, spices, household goods […]

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Hamburg St Petri-2

St. Petri

St. Petri is Hamburg’s oldest parish church. The original was built in the 11th century, and the bigger and better Gothic version was constructed in the 13th century. Although St. Petri has one tower today, it enjoyed a second tower from the 16th through 19th centuries that was torn down due to damage from Napoleonic […]

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Hamburg St Nikolai

St. Nikolai

It’s easy to believe that this pile of ruins was once one of the most impressive neo-Gothic churches in Germany. You can get a sense of its scope and grandeur while standing in the ruined structure’s footprint and looking up, up, up at the amazingly high spire. The current St. Nikolai only stood for about […]

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