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Nice St Reparate

Cathédrale Saint Réparate

This 17th century Baroque cathedral honors Nice’s patron saint, Saint Réparate, whose relics have been enshrined here since 1690. The current structure was built on the site of the original 13th centuy church, which was razed when it was deemed too small for Nice’s growing importance. The new cathedral was based on the model of […]

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Nice Towers-3

Nice Towers

I always enjoy looking up and seeing a bold, unique tower poking out of a skyline. It’s likely stood for centuries through prosperity and destruction, perhaps changing hands a few times, all the while serving as a comforting beacon to people who associate it with their people and where they are from. Here are some […]

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Nice Socca-2

Chez Théresa

Within this little ramshackle stand in the morning market, colorful Théresa serves up socca, a local specialty. Socca is a griddle-fried pancake from chickpea flour and olive oil. It’s known as farinata across the border in Liguria, where Genoese add rosemary and onion to it. Théresa also serves sandwiches, pizzas and pastries, but most people […]

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Pedestrian Gate

Parc du Château

It’s hard to miss Parc du Château, the 92-meter high rock. This was Nice’s first settled spot. The extravagant castle Colline du Château once adorned the top, but was destroyed by Louis XIV in the 18th century. Other medieval ruins are visible, such as a pedestrian gate fitted into the former castle’s wall and ruins […]

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Nice Market 1

Nice Market

There’s no better way to get a feel for a city than through its markets. Vieux Nice has a thriving at cours Saleya with flowers, produce, antiques and artwork. Make sure to arrive before 1 p.m., though, when the vendors begin packing up and the area restaurants begin rolling out their awnings. Tuesday through Sunday […]

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Nice Tete

La bibliothèque Louis Nucéra

This bust and metallic cube, La Tête au Carré, is actually the Nice library. It was created by Sacha Sozno, a local artist, who wished to make a statement about obliterating boundaries and integrating art into the urban landscape. It stands 30 meters high. La bibliothèque Louis Nucéra, library, Nice, Sozno, France

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Nice Toca

La Taca D’Oli

This is a popular Niçoise/French/Italian restaurant featuring local, fresh food. It’s tiny and tucked into a narrow, busy street, so it pays to arrive early. The restaurant offers two menus: two courses for €19 and three courses for €24. We started off with house salads, which were enormous. There was nothing special about them, but […]

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Nice's Lively Streets

Always a Sunny Day in Nice

When you think of the Côte d’Azur, you probably envision golden sunlight, miles of beaches, turquoise water and topless sunbathers. And you’d be right, for the French Riviera is the original resort area. The Côte d’Azur, which gets 300 sunny days a year, became popular when 18th century English aristocracy began spending winters there. Word […]

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