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World Path of Peace

Vredespaleis, or Peace Palace

You might find this hard to believe, but at the end of the 19th century, a peace movement was sweeping the globe. Hundreds of peace organizations existed, some with millions of members. High-profile intellectuals and businesspeople led the endeavor. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia invited representatives from all major nations to join a peace conference. […]

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Den Haag Ogenblik

‘t Ogenblik

We were in seach of a quick lunch and this casual brasserie tucked down a side street fit the bill. The comprehensive menu serves breakfast to high tea and consists of pastries, eggs, soups, salads, sandwiches and large plates. We arrived a little before noon (what can I say? We were starving!) and were seated […]

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Den Haag Historisch Museum

Haags Historisch Museum

In a city full of striking museums, this one was the least compelling. The ground floor gives an overview of the city’s history through paintings and a projected time-lapse drawing, which was interesting, but the upstairs is markedly less intriguing, with a collection of portraits and historical household odds and ends. The museum is in […]

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Haag It Rains Fishes-2

It Rains Fishes

This restaurant’s name first got our attention, then its French-oriented seafood menu caught our eye. The menu features mainstream choices like lobster bisque, mussels and sole à la meunière and more interesting ones like fishes curry and tempura scallops. After changing our minds a few times, we each opted for the market menu, which consisted […]

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Den Haag Panorama-3

Panorama Mesdag, Den Haag

Stepping into this amazing exhibit is like getting into a time capsule and emerging on a 19th century beach. A 19th century Dutch beach, that is. The panorama is a large-scale naturalistic depiction of the sea, the dunes and the seaside resort town of Scheveningen in 1881, as envisioned by Hendrik Mesdag, a Dutch banker-turned-artist. […]

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Den Haag Binnenhof-4

Binnenhof, Den Haag

This is where it all began. Back in the 13th century, William II, Count of Holland, built his fortress here. Through the years, buildings were constructed around it to eventually form this configuration. Since the 15th century, the Binnehof housed the Dutch parliament. The house of representatives has since relocated to a modern structure neighboring […]

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Den Haag Amenities-6

Dutch Touches

From what I’ve seen, life is pretty good in the Netherlands. Dutch culture seems to be laid-back and liberal, everyone is tall and relatively happy looking and the flat topography near the coast (the coast, right, that’s another positive point) can’t be beat. As we were walking around, I couldn’t help but noticing some things […]

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Den Haag Mauritshuis

Mauritshuis, Den Haag

If I were a dead Dutch artist, I would want my masterpiece displayed in Mauritshuis. The small galleries with tall windows, high ceilings and thoughtfully painted walls is an ideal environment in which to spend some time. Mauritshuis is an intimate yet comprehensive museum located in a 17th century mansion on Hofvijver, the city’s main […]

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Den Haag Overview-3

Den Haag/The Hague

The Netherlands is quickly becoming one of my favorite countries (sorry, France!). It’s a tiny country and a collection of provinces (Holland comprises two of the twelve provinces, Noord-Holland around Amsterdam and Zuid-Holland around Den Haag), with many picturesque and culturally rich cities. This weekend, we set out for The Hague and Rotterdam. Both are […]

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