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2011 Oct 2 Echternach19

Akkordeon Orchester Menningen-Minden

Seen and heard in Echternach: an all-accordian orchestra. Who knew ABBA could sound so good? My favorite member was the sound guy who also doled out the beers.

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Basilique St Willibrord

Basilique Saint-Willibrord

Echternach is dominated by Basilique Saint-Willibrord. Saint Willibrord was a Northumbrian monk who arrived in town in 698 A.D. Immediately after receiving this land from Irmina, daughter of Dagobert II, King of the Franks, he began construction. A Benedictine abbey developed around the basilica and a town around that. If you’re seeking an ancient basilica, […]

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2011 Oct 2 Echternach08 work


Echternach, one of Luxembourg’s oldest towns, is a tiny (population 5,000), picturesque village surrounded by medieval walls and towers. It sits alongside the River Sûre, near the German border. Aside from the charming town square, the main attractions are the hiking and biking trails that lead into the mountains and along the Sûre. I also […]

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