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2011 May 30 Amsterdam10

Lean on Me

Although I wouldn’t want to play billiards in one of them, I love how the houses lean in all different directions.

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Amsterdam Museums

Amsterdam Sights to See: Van Gogh Museum: Here you’ll see some of the masterpieces Vincent Van Gogh created in his ten-year career. That’s right – ten years! Let this serve as inspiration to us all: in 1880, Van Gogh quit his job working for art dealers and pursued painting, with which he had no prior […]

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2011 May 30 Amsterdam65

On Coffeeshops

I wish every American who opposes legalization would visit an Amsterdam coffeeshop. They’d see there’s a beautiful freedom in sitting outside on a sunny day watching passersby and that it is no different than enjoying a beer or a coffee. Where we went: Rusland and Basjoe: Like bars, coffeeshops occupy every other storefront. Skip the […]

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Amsterdam Restaurants

Where we ate: Lucius: We had our best meal of the trip in this lively seafood restaurant. I tried two daily specials – creamy white asparagus soup and scholfilet with pesto – and both were extraordinary. Angelo had the half lobster and crab legs. A fruity white German Chardonnay went well with both dishes. For […]

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2011 May 30 Amsterdam53

Fun House

In Amsterdam, canals are lined with run-down houseboats, modern and luxurious houseboats and everything in between.  

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2011 May 30 Amsterdam49

Child Safety?

I guess this is as good as a carseat…?  

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2011 May 30 Amsterdam20

Old Amsterdam

This weekend, we jumped in the car and drove to Amsterdam. And drove. And drove. The first Belgian town we drove through was cute. In the second town, the Belgian fry signs were charming. The next traffic light had us seeing red. What was wrong? How could a four-hour journey go so wrong? Ah, the […]

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