Old Amsterdam

This weekend, we jumped in the car and drove to Amsterdam. And drove. And drove. The first Belgian town we drove through was cute. In the second town, the Belgian fry signs were charming. The next traffic light had us seeing red. What was wrong? How could a four-hour journey go so wrong? Ah, the GPS. Of course the “shortest route” takes two hours longer than “quickest route.” Lesson learned.

Where we slept:

Radisson Blu Hotel: At €260/night at the time of booking, this was one of the most affordable 4- and 5-star hotels available in the city center. It offers a standard European breakfast buffet, clean and comfortable rooms and a great location on a quiet street away from the tourist madness.

Parking: If you want to park at the hotel, you must make a separate parking reservation! There are ten spots and they book quickly. We found this out the hard way and were forced to navigate the narrow streets congested with pedestrians and bicylists to one of the few parking garages in the city with a standard per-day rate of €55 (not much of a savings over the hotel’s €50/day parking rate, but still).



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