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Keukenhof Overview 1

Keukenhof Overview

Before visiting the Keukenhof gardens, I knew, vaguely, that there was a lot of tulilps in the Netherlands. I knew this because when I thought of the Netherlands, generic images of fields full of brightly colored flowers sprang to mind (thanks, tourism board!). Wooden clogs and a couple of joints are also always in the […]

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Keukenhof Bulbfields 3-3

Colorful Dutch Bulbfields

Although we were a little early for the tulips, we were able to catch a glimpse of some colorful Dutch bulbfields. Reportedly, there are 10,000 growers in this region. Carolus Clusius, Dutch botanist and gardener to the Habsburg emporer, brought the first tulip bulb from Vienna. The flower flourished in Holland’s sandy soil (about half […]

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Keukenhof Flowers 2-5

Keukenhof, Netherlands III

Okay, just a few more images for the flower show-and-tell! Keukenhof, Netherlands, Dutch

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Keukenhof, Netherlands II

Having spent hours hunched over, gasping at flowers, I really need to show some of my favorite close-ups! I really got a kick out of the creative names. Keukenhof, Netherlands, Dutch

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Keukenhof, Netherlands

This year, we headed right into the heart of spring: Keukenhof! The weather had other ideas (cool, mostly cloudy, windy), but we oohed and aahed anyway, albeit through shivering teeth. Only a cold-hearted soul would fail to be impressed with this gorgeous array in the largest bulb flower garden in the world. Although many types […]

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