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Main entrance

St. Stephan Kirche, Mainz

High on Mainz’s tallest hill sits Saint Stephan Kirche, a 13th-century Gothic church that is today best known for its blue stained-glass Chagall windows, added by the famous artist in the 20h century. The current structure was built on top of the original basilica from 990. The church’s interior is striking, with bright blue windows, […]

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Mainz Peters

St. Peterskirche, Mainz

Walking into St Peterskirche is like entering an Italian church – you get a full blast of rococo! Not one inch is unadorned. The most striking components are the white-gold wooden pulpit and extravagant altars, including the 16th-century rood altar and the 20th-century celebration altar with human fishes within a bronze net. The original church […]

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I think this was a representative from the Fastnacht committee

Mainzer Fastnacht, or Mainz Carnival

When my husband and I decided to visit Mainz, we didn’t realize it hosts one of the three largest German Carnival celebrations (the others are in Cologne and Düsseldorf). The hotels had plenty of availability and we were looking forward to seeing the Gutenberg Museum and trying the local wines and beers. It wasn’t until […]

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Original doors

Mainzer Dom

As in all traditional European cities, Mainz’s cathedral dominates the main square. In this case, St. Martin’s Cathedral, a (mostly) Romanesque sandstone structure with six towers, rises into Mainz’s skyline. Construction began in the 10th century and, in a stroke of unspeakably bad luck, the original structure burned down one day before its consecration in […]

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Mainz Christoph

Kirche St. Christoph, Mainz

We rounded a corner in Mainz’s Old City and came upon the striking sight of St. Christoph, a 14th-century Gothic church, that was among the casualties of the 1945 bombings that destroyed 80% of Mainz. This church was particularly notable since it was Gutenberg’s baptismal church. Now, it serves as a WWII memorial and a […]

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Baroque Augustiner Church


We were curious to check out Mainz, a quiet university city about two hours from Luxembourg. Mainz is very close to Frankfurt, where I’ve spent a lot of time and always enjoyed myself (not that liking one city ensures satisfaction with a neighbor, but it’s not a bad assumption), and I had heard favorable things […]

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