Goa Boats

I didn’t realize how much I notice boats until I found myself snapping away in Goa. I saw, among others, busy ferries, working boats (although, I’m not sure what these boats accomplished since I saw many of them going back and forth carting unchanged volumes of dirt), and beached boats.


Fort Aguada

The Portugese knew what they were doing when they constructed this fort back in 1612. Fort Aguada guards the mouth of the Mandovi River and enables views over every twist and turn. The lighthouse was built in 1894 and is the oldest of its kind in Asia. Down the road is the peninsula’s operating lighthouse….


Mapusa Markets

Mapusa is the largest town in northern Goa and is known for its markets. The most popular one is Friday Market, which I missed. Although I was not seeking any of the items sold, it was fun to look around at the piles of textiles, bins of household tools and spreads of produce, flowers and…


Upper House

This was a great meal, but not the best we had in Goa (see below, Sher-E-Punjab). The menu featured local cuisine, which meant a lot of spices and seafood. Yum! We had the crab xec xec (in a roasted-coconut gravy), pork vindaloo and mixed vegetable xacuti. In true Indian fashion (well, sometimes. You’ll see.), you…



Okay, okay – THIS was the best food we ate in India. It was, of course, a total dive. The menus were laminated, the air-conditioned tables were sectioned off and it was consistently busy with locals. The menu featured spicy Punjabi dishes as well as miscellaneous Chinese entrees. We thoroughly enjoyed the Paneer Tikka and…