Amsterdam Museums

Amsterdam Sights to See:

Van Gogh Museum: Here you’ll see some of the masterpieces Vincent Van Gogh created in his ten-year career. That’s right – ten years! Let this serve as inspiration to us all: in 1880, Van Gogh quit his job working for art dealers and pursued painting, with which he had no prior experience. He began sketching and painting countryside peasants before moving to Paris where he experimented with Impressionist and Neo-impressionist techniques. Although I’ve viewed Van Gogh’s paintings in countless museums, the evolution of his work is evident and stunning when viewed in its entirety.

Rijksmuseum: This collection presents a concise and effective summary of Dutch history and the Dutch Golden Age. Masterpieces include Vermeer’s The Milkmaid and Rembrandt’s The Nightwatch, which gets its own gallery. Also on display is silver, Delftware and a surprisingly interesting room of doll houses.


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