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Tour Eiffel et la Drapeau

I thought this was a quintessential Parisian shot! Tweet

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Musée Gustave-Moreau

Upon entering small, serene Musée Gustave-Moreau, you will not only be transported back more than a century, but you will also be overtaken by your inner artist. You’ll be inspired to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and create! This museum displays the life and work of French symbolist painter Gustave Moreau. Even if the […]

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Eglise de la Trinité

What a nice surprise to come upon this beautiful Roman Catholic church tucked behind Gare St-Lazare in the 9th arrondissement. It was built in the late 1800’s and was designed by Théodore Ballu as part of Haussmann’s beautification effort. Figures of Faith, Hope and Charity adorn the exterior, and the bell tower is topped with […]

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Je Me Promène

Some amusing things observed during a walk: Tweet

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Paris has introduced many different styles of métro sign through the years. When the first subway line opened in 1900, the station entrances were constructed of wrought iron with Hector Guimard’s Art Nouveau-style signage. The signs took a few different forms. Disappointingly, the latest incarnation is a simple M. Tweet

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Chez Grenouille

My eagle-eyed husband gets all the credit for discovering this tiny neighborhood restaurant in the 9th arrondissement. While I rushed ahead, anxious to get to a couple of museums, Angelo peered inside Chez Grenouille and was enchanted by the cozy dining room’s (there are 16 covers) stone walls and wood beams. The restaurant is as […]

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Canal St-Martin

My Paris-loving friend Anita turned me on to this urban oasis, Canal St-Martin, between the 10th and 11th arrondissements. I’d never been to this part of town, and it was great to explore this neighborhood, which delineates central and eastern Paris. The area has a unique feel; it’s equal parts industrial, bucolic and artsy. The […]

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Paris Street Artist

I came across this artist adding a little Boop to a colorful wall. Tweet

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Rough Night?

I’m not sure what the backstory was here, but someone clearly had a very interesting night! Tweet

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Paris Rollerbladers

I always wondered where all the Rollerbladers went. We encountered this critical mass of Rollerbladers around Quai Voltaire or so. Our first thought was, “oh no!”, but luckily we hit the tail-end (or maybe the group wasn’t that large). Tweet

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