Le Lion Bossu

The restaurant is in a 17th-century building

When my husband and I travel together, we spend a lot of time searching for food. Sometimes we’re trying to find a specific place someone recommended, other times we want the perfect reservation, but most of the time we’re wandering and seeing what looks good. When we wander, most of the meals are okay to good; we end up with a great meal in a place we would recommend about 20% of the time.

Le Lion Bossu ended up being a great meal we discovered while wandering. This seafood/Mediterranean restaurant is housed in a cozy 17th-century building, and the main dining room is on the second floor. We showed up early (8:00 p.m.) without a reservation and scored what appeared to be the only unreserved table.

Croustille de maroilles

We both started with croustille de maroilles, which featured the local cheese wrapped in filo on a bed of greens. I guess it’s hard to go wrong with warm cheese, but this was very tasty.

Turbot filet

For the plat, I ordered the filet de turbot with butter sauce, tomato confit and soba noodles. It was very rich, but had the right combination of flavors.

Entrees, plats and a bottle of wine ran us a little over €100. I recommend making a reservation.

Place du Lion d’Or
1, rue Saint-Jacques

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