Mittelbergheim and Domaine Armand Gilg

The buildings have a warm, subdued look

Quiet hillside village Mittelbergheim is less showy than other Alsace towns, with buildings in subdued earth hues and red roofs. The star grape here is Sylvaner, an ancient variety that has long been grown in Central Europe.

Gilg entrance

The main attraction in town is Domaine Gilg. This small family-run (16 generations!) winery produces grand cru sylvaners, rieslings and pinots.

Wine equipments

The tasting room was empty when we arrived and during the course of our visit, a couple small groups stopped in. The friendly owner (one of the three siblings who own and operate it, it turns out) was attentive to everyone, and was pleased to talk about the winery’s production, their grapes and, of course, their award-winning end products.

Angelo is pleased to add to our personal wine cellar

Gilg owns 28 hectares of vineyards, of which 5.4 are in Mittelbergheim’s Zotzenberg Grand Cru region. The region benefits from an altitude of 300 meters and southern sunshine. Silty clay and limestone, among other components, gives these grapes their unique characteristics.

2 rue Rotland, Mittelbergheim, France. The tasting room is open 8 am –noon & 1:30-6:00 pm M-F, to 5 pm Sat, 9:30-11:30 am Sun.

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