Nederlands Architectuur Instituut

The museum’s very modern exterior

Even if you aren’t that interested architecture, you will enjoy a visit to the Nederlands Architectuur Instituut to view the Dutchville exhibit. The exhibit is a unique way to experience Dutch life and is constructed using models of historical structures, industrial buildings and housing developments. A cast of six locals provides what is supposed to be entertaining, informative audio commentary. The narrative quickly begins to drag on, but it’s easy enough to skip through it.


The museum’s temporary exhibits focus on prominent architects’ models and sketches. The current exhibit features Brazilian architect João Filgueiras Lima, aka Lelé, whose practice focuses on designing a healthier society.

City Tower Project, Philadelphia, 1950’s

Be sure not to skip the nearby Sonnenveld House Museum, which was constructed in the 1930s in the Nieuwe Bouwen style, which is the Dutch branch of functionalism. At the time, the house was very unique and extremely avant garde.

Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5, Sunday 11 – 5.

Musempark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam

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