Riquewihr, France

Looking into a sunny nook

Riquewihr is a storybook-like medieval town situated between the Vosges mountains and the Alsatian plains. Ramparts enclose the small town center, which consists of narrow lanes, serene courtyards and bright, half-timbered houses.

Dolder, a 13th-century stone and half-timbered gate with a 25-meter bell tower

Building details

Riquewihr is part of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (the most beautiful villages of France) association. It’s easy to see why.

One of many tight, windy streets

Riquewihr was originally property of the Dukes of Württemberg. In the 16th century, it was converted to Protestantism. Luckily, the town was mostly spared during World War II. It retains much of its medieval appearance since architectural details have been carefully preserved.

Riquewihr is filled with colorful houses!

Another bright house

Historically, the town served as a wine trading hub for Alsatian and Germanic wine. Today, winemaking is still the main industry. Riquewihr is known for its superb Rieslings.

Vineyards are never too far away!

Storks (real and fake) are everywhere!

White storks are popular Alsace good-luck symbols. Though they spend winters in Africa, they like to summer in this part of Europe. To protect the shrinking population, breeding centers were established.

A well-adorned porch

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