Cathédrale des Sts-Michel & Gudule

When we saw this Roman Catholic church, I had to look twice to make sure we weren’t in Paris, for Cathédrale des Sts-Michel & Gudule is a smaller, slightly modified version of Notre Dame de Paris.

When this grand church was founded in 1047, the relics of martyr Saint Gudula (previously housed in a different, nearby church) were transported here. Saint Gudula is one of Brussels’ patron saints, along with Saint Michael.

In the 13th century, the cathedral was renovated in the Gothic style we see today. The choir was constructed between 1226-1276 and the façade was completed in the mid-15th century. The south tower contains a 49-bell carillon.

This cathedral is often used for big deal ceremonies, such as royal marriages and state funerals.

I like how the column saints all hold giant tools.

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