Domaine Keuhn, Ammerschwihr

Tour des Bourgeoise

Ammerschwihr is a small Alsatian town nestled in the Vosges mountains. The town dates back to the 9th century, but its most recent notable event was when it was annexed by the Nazis from 1940-45, during which time 85% of the houses were destroyed.

The local vineyard, which sits on 450 hectares, has the prestigious grand cru designation.

Keuhn’s barrels

The notable domaine here is Keuhn, which turns out stand-out Rieslings. Domaine Keuhn was founded in the 17th century by the Keuhn family. The last descendant, René Kuehn, aggressively marketed Alsatian whites to an international audience.

During the World War II air raids, Domaine Kuehn’s cellars sheltered a hundred residents. The 17th century cellars are the deepest in the village, measuring at 7 meters below ground.

3 Grand Rue, Ammerschwihr, France

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