Kaysersberg, France

A quiet street

Kaysersberg is another charming vineyard-enclosed medieval town with bright half-timbered 15th- and 16th-century houses and narrow pedestrian roads.

Overlooking River Weiss

The main industry is, of course, viticulture. The first vines were brought to Kaysersberg in the 16th century from Hungary. They originated from the Tokay vine, which now goes by the familiar name Pinot Gris.

Colorful houses

Another colorful old building

Castle ruins look over the town

The ruins of the 13th-century Castle of Kaysersberg stand 50 meters over the town. Originally, the castle’s role was keeping watch over the road liking Nancy to Colmar. The castle was ruined in the 17th century during the Thirty Years War. It’s no surprise that the circular keep survived – its walls are 4.42 meters thick.

One of the original medieval towers with a stork nest atop!

Five of the original six towers of the medieval ramparts are still standing.

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