Lavaux Region

The vineyards offer great views and are great views

The Lavaux wine region stretches from Lausanne to Vevey.

The lake’s climate helps Lavaux’s vineyards thrive

This very special region is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. One look and it’s easy to see why: Lavaux’s vineyards cover steep hillsides and every point offers views of Lake Geneva and the Savoy Alps.

There’s scarcely a section that’s not covered in vineyards

An old wine press

Roads wind along the mountain

Picture-perfect villages with winding cobblestone streets dot the vine-filled hills.

There’s also a lower, lake-side road

There are a few different roads to follow through the vineyards. The Corniche winds between the lakefront road and the higher-up train tracks. The Grande Traversée begins low, near the water, and snakes up the mountain. There are countless small roads that veer off either path.

A lakefront château

Châteaux dot the hillside.

Special equipment is necessary

Within the vineyards are those of Dézaley, which produce some of the Switzerland’s highest-rated grand cru wines.

Another way to access the vines

The best way to see the Lavaux region is to simply start driving or walking and let yourself get a little lost.

The vines succeed on these hilly tiers

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